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What is "Sloughi World"?
Sloughi World is an Online Magazine. It was created by a private initiative of several committed Sloughi-Owners and Breeders. It is published 3-4 times annually and aiming to collect as much information about the Sloughi as possible and above all to publish it.

How do I look for something?
There are four possibilities:

Do you have any questions?
Then just put down in .

What does "A.S.I.L. Forum" mean?
This abbreviation means: "Sloughi-Action-Forum for Interested readers (reader in german: Leser", where you can ask any questions concerning Sloughis. Everyone can put questions or answer them. At irregular intervals there we perform "Live-Switchings" and invite an Expert, so visitors can question him/her about a special subject.

What does "Gästebuch" mean?
In our Guestbook you may praise or even criticise us. We are happy about every entry.


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