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My first Sloughi

Text/ photos by Ingela Näslund


photo: Asa Lindholm
Åsa Lindholm

Our first Sloughi came 1993 from Norway. I phoned the Swedish Kennelclub to ask weather the breed existed in my country at all. It did not, but there was one in Norway. Sweden had not seen any Sloughi being born in 25 years...
Therefore, an exchange of letters took place with Kennel Arhib in Trondheim. Who, as it happened, had a litter of three recently born; one male, two bitches. Since I had no intention to purchase a puppy, this was of lesser interest, at the time. I just wanted all the information available on the subject Sloughi. Time past with some videotapes and letters, in mars -93 I just could not resist it any longer: We went to get me my first sight hound Arhib’s Asiir Bintu Hadjib. We called her Zoi; she was not to be the last one…

Zoi was, as they often are, a bit reserved in the beginning. It took some practice for the showring.
When she realized what it was all about she showed to be both vain and very keen on the applause around the ring; she got a very content feature and tripped along with her head a little higher.

Lukas and ZoiThis is not the best characteristic in all fields of activity; at the small agility-shows we participated in (mostly for fun!) she could not resist the audience.
After the first jump, she just had to do go out in the crowd and let them look at her a little closer. Then she came back and continued. As you all can understand we did not compete,
she did better in the show ring though.

In 1996, we met the prince Charming outside Helsinki, this resulted in eight wonderful puppies. We kept a female, growing up to be Intuch Norduch NV-98 NordV-99 SV-00 SLCCH NLCCH Tillieville Zwart Salza.

When she had left responsibility over to her daughter, she could concentrate on having fun. She really enjoyed her grandchildren as they met at the summer special show for instance. She was like all human grandmothers, mild and kind. I got to keep her for thirteen years,
it has been good years for both of us. I certainly learned a lot.

 Ingela Näslund




vom 19.03.2008