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Oui où non?

Text: Oliver Eberhardt Deutsche Version

Südfrankreich (Eberhardt)
South of France(Eberhardt)

At last we had vacation on the programme again, southern France was supposed to be the destination for Stephan, my brother, and me. Of course, we wished to visit Mme. Rey, the Grande Dame of the French Sloughi Breed (la Horde d'Or and Montouchet de la Horde d'Or Sloughis). Because of language difficulties our friend Rosy Bächtiger (el Djerid Sloughis) organized a meeting with her.

1. Sloughi Rennen in Alger, 1955 (!) (Archiv Rey)
1. Sloughi racing in Alger, 1955 (!) (archives Rey)

Together with her husband (unfortunately he died) Xavier Przezdziecki (XP) Mme. Rey has been breeding Sloughis for more than 40 years. The Breed was started in Algeria by her husband XP 30 years ago and since 1. Feb. 1964 continued in France. XP learned the Arabian language with various dialects in Algeria and to esteem the Sloughis. He was able to observe the Sloughis still in their natural environment and at their original tasks.
I learned French at school though, I was never the best, but will that be enough for a true conversation? We bought a little present, gingerbread for dogs, and a hibiscus for Mme. Rey. I thought over how to begin my sentences and rehearsed them. But how will Mme. Rey be, will she meet us?
But it never happens the way you think it will. As the door to the "Villa Abaikour" was opened I couldn't say my memorized sentences, as Mme. Rey was so pleased in surprise and thanked and at once we were in the house among the hounds. Again no time for my prepared sentences. Watching the hounds and explaining who was which was on the programme.

I'Tchang de la Horde d'Or (Eberhardt, 2001)
I'Tchang de la Horde d'Or (Eberhardt, 2001)
Diavola de la Horde d'Or (Archiv Rey)
Diavola de la Horde d'Or (archives Rey)
Tchinguiz Khan de Montouchet de la Horde d'Or (Archiv Rey, 1984)
Tchinguiz Khan de Montouchet de la Horde d'Or (archives Rey, 1984)

Of course, we also wanted to photograph her hounds. She thought it not to be very simple and grinned. Of course, she was right. Each time when crouching with the camera to take a photo a Sloughi will nudge at the lens. Really, not an easy enterprise.

Mme. Rey had owned eight Sloughis when we visited her in 2001, all of them lived with her in the house. Particularly we liked to see many old hounds which were very well cared of. Bèrbere du Montouchet de la Horde d'Or was at that point 15 years old. He is among others the father of the FCI EuropeWinner 2003 Magistère P'tit Boheme. The World Winner 1992, Diavola de la Horde d'Or meanwhile tried hard to get hold of the contents of our rucksack, the gingerbread. Diavola never let the rucksack out of sight and tried by all means to achieve the desired goal. In addition we could see New Look II de la Horde d'Or, Jhezita de la Horde d'Or , I'Tchang de la Horde d'Or, Giavole du Montouchet de la Horde d'Or and his brother Grazioso and also a bitch whose name I forgot.

But there was no time to get one's breath with Mme. Rey, carried away by her high spirits and knowing exactly what she wanted, she went on. We were offered chairs and the question arose, what we wanted to know. Now, there was the chance for my memorized sentences, but somehow they didn't fit in any more. I had to use "my" French, but will she understand? She spoke extra slowly for me, so I could understand everything, she did it as simple as possible. What did we want to see "all pictures", was my answer. Now, there was the incredible look again in Mme. Rey's eyes. The reason was quickly made out. She had a huge closet with photo alba full of Sloughi photos, and to take a look at all of them was impossible. Then Mme. Rey chose some of them and our receptivity quickly ran out, thaaat many pictures and information. She wanted to copy some photos for us Each time when she asked, whether we wanted it the question came: Oui où on?, of course, the answer was "Oui! 11 But Mme. Rey wanted also to know if we had some photos with us. Now, at last we were very well prepared, we had our photo album with us, and so I had to explain in French, which the respective Sloughis were, their parents ... It was strenuous!

The time passed away much too quickly and so we arranged to meet once again the following day. Mme. Rey sets a high value on punctuality, and we too, and besides that we couldn't await to get received again at last.

Mme. Rey has copied historic pictures for us and neatly inscribed them in the morning, and on the whole, she seems to be very active in spite of her age, as her diary seems to be more filled than mine.

Once again the time passed quickly and Mme. Rey had another date, but we wanted to see some more photos. In no time she took some shopping bags ant put the alba into them for us. I thought she wouldn't pack all of them but she wanted to do it exactly. We reached an agreement to take just seven of her precious alba with us and arranged to give them back the following day. What a confidence in us, as we knew each other only for a few hours, and we had 50 years of Sloughi Breed in our hands, what precious objects!

Album after album were looked trough in our hotel, photos compared, inscribtions puzzled out, just wonderful.

The following day came, we rang the bell. This time she was elegantly dressed. The reason was found out quickly, she had a date at the veterinary shortly afterwards. She said good bye, no time, and away she was.

Now we stood with our shopping bags full of alba in her house with her grinning housekeeper that's it. Unfortunately, we had to depart afterwards. Who knows what exciting pictures and stories we still would have seen and heard.

We hope, we will also have that much energy when we get that old. I take my hat off to her !!!

Dyriam (?) de Montouchet de la Horde d'Or (Archiv Rey, 1984)
Dia show: please wait a moment. Dyriam de Montouchet de la Horde d'Or (archives Rey, 1984)
Malik, Nitouche, Taiga, Tchinguiz Khan, Uriel and Romance de Montouchet de la Horde d'Or (archives Rey)

Exposition "Championat de la Fédération" 1977
Sapho, Vol ce l'est, Romance, Saga, Nitouche, Uriel, Taiga
(archives Rey)
















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